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"The difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has limits" - I'm stupid; it's safer.

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The year 2019 saw two titles by Daniel Tyler-Ray and both of them are sold for the sake of charity. Daniel Tyler-Ray gets nothing from these sales. The very latest book is called "Grandeur in Custody" and just like "The Stars may have Gone Crazy" it is sold for the purpose described already.

The second latest book by Daniel Tyler-Ray  (sold for the sake of green charity) is a fairly short poetry book Called "The Stars may have Gone Crazy". The book is at present available on Amazon and elsewhere.


An excerpt poem - Nepalese Whispers - can be read below.

Nepalese Whispers

Behold those pettiful eyes

Peering down the isles

A maiden or not a maiden

From stony monkey hillslopes

A temple is grown

Off ruined quarters ...

Maybe the stars have gone crazy after all ...

Daniel Tyler-Ray does not feel inclined to present the book further since he dislikes "reviewing" his own work. I hope that the reader appreciates this fact and the excerpt poem is sufficient in order to assert the quality of the work.

Grandeur in Custody is the second book published in 2019 and just like the other one it is on sale for green charity.

Approximately 100 pages of short stories, so called short shorts and poetry. One poem is already published in UK Author's annual anthology "Voices from the Web". As a whole the book is a mix of some old but mainly new material.

Satisfaction guaranteed since it is optional to buy it ... 

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